This official postgraduate course on the European Union offers students a high-level training that allows them to achieve optimal conditions to develop in the professional and academic field. The aim is to provide students with a high-level training that will place them in optimal conditions to work in the professional or academic field.

The primordial role of this degree in the countries of the European Union is a consequence of the central place that university studies must have for a better understanding of the integration process itself. For this reason, the various degrees in European Union studies are a priority objective for the European institutions and the Member States.

European universities are currently faced with the imperative need to adapt to a series of profound changes, among which is the overriding objective of placing studies and degrees that allow for a better and more detailed knowledge of the European Union at the centre. In addition to its fundamental mission of initial training, the university must respond to the new needs for education and training about the Union itself, its institutions and its policies, which arise with the changing legal, political and economic nature of the integration process and its relationship with the knowledge society. University studies on the European Union from a multidisciplinary approach arise from the growing need for scientific and technical education, transversal competences and lifelong learning opportunities which require greater permeability between the different elements and levels of university education and training systems.

For all these reasons, the main universities in our European environment, and even outside it, have been offering for years the Postgraduate Degree in European Union; both from multidisciplinary programmes, as well as from specific EU programmes in Law, Economics and Commerce, or Political Science.

This Master has the following specialisations (60 credits each specialisation):

- Specialisation in Economics/Politics (in Spanish language).

- Specialisation in Law (in Spanish language)

- Specialisation in Multilevel European Integration and Fundamental Rights (in English language)

- Specialisation in Economy of the EU: Challenges for the 21st Century (in English)