Since the entry into force of the European Higher Education Area, credit recognition is a personalized process that analyzes, case by case, the knowledge acquired in other completed or incomplete university studies, Higher Degree of Vocational Training and equivalent qualifications at higher levels or from international educational systems.

This peculiarity multiplies the variety of cases of subject validation, hence the National Agency for Quality Assessment and Accreditation (ANECA) itself determines the obligation for universities to publish their own credit recognition web space for each study of each Faculty or School.

For this same reason, file resolution timelines are variable, with automatic and fast procedures - those that are tabulated or that adjusted to tables - and those that require months of study, due to their particularity and the volume of requests received.



Within the particularity of each record, there are frequent cases and regular considerations that must be considered.

  • Credit recognition in Bachelor degrees must be explicitly requested in every case, whether the student accesses due to a file transfer or as a graduate.
  • It is equally essential when it comes to validations between two UNED Degrees.
  • Nevertheless, credit recognition is automatic between a UNED old plan (Licenciatura, Diplomatura or Engineering) and a UNED Degree. It is shown as an additional step in the online enrollment process, so the student has only to accept it.
  • To validate UNED Lifelong Learning activities with a UNED Degree, the student must find out if such recognition is possible and, if so, expressly request it.
  • In the case of Master’s degrees, the application must be made at the same time that the Admission and enrollment process is formalized online the first year, and each Faculty and School must be contacted to initiate recognition in subsequent courses.
  • PIECE OF ADVICE: If you start a credit recognition process in any UNED Degree, we recommend that you enroll in those subjects that you have never coursed or that you didn’t pass in the university of origin. This way you will be able to know in the first months of the course how the file is resolved and better adjust the subsequent enrollments.



In this space you will find direct access to the credit recognition area of each UNED study.



The UNED regulations General Standards and Criteria for the Recognition and Transfer of Credits for Master’s Degrees includes all the information related to the recognition of credits in the University’s Official Master’s degrees



The process of recognition and credit transfer is taxed to rates that, as the rest of university prices, are determined annually by a Ministerial Order that sets the public amounts for academic and non-academic services of the UNED. The same regulations establish the different bonuses that the applicants for these recognitions can benefit of.

You can consult here the Ministerial Order of the current academic year.