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associated centers and university classrooms

associated centers and university classrooms

Associated Centers and University Classrooms

The Associated Centers are the territorial units that the UNED has distributed throughout the national territory and that develop, under the direction and in collaboration and coordination with the Faculties, Schools and Departments, the teaching, research and tutorial activity entrusted in its statutes. The Associated Centers provide on-site and telematic tutoring, guidance and assistance to students, library service, University Extension and cultural development activities, organization and carrying out of on-site tests and laboratory practices of the 1st and 2nd year subjects of the Bachelor’s Degrees.

The Associated Centers may, in turn, open University Classrooms in those localities of their province that they consider convenient and in collaboration with local institutions, thus taking university education to places farther away from the Associated Center itself. In the University Classrooms, tutorials are given face-to-face or telematically, but not necessarily for all the degrees offered by the Associate Center of reference. They can also develop University Extension and cultural activities and guide and facilitate the student’s administrative tasks.