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Academic Information

PhD in Government, The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), London, UK
 Thesis: ‘Civilian Control of the Military in Portugal and Spain: a Policy Instruments Approach’,2006-2012

Post-Graduate Certificate in Higher Education (Associate Level), LSE,  2010–2011

MSc in Public Policy and Administration, LSE, 2005–2006

Strategies For Europe Graduate Programme, EDHEC, Graduate School of Management, Lille, France

Licenciatura en Investigación y Técnicas de Mercado, ETEA, Faculty of Economics and Business Science, University of Cordoba, Spain, 1998–2000

Licenciatura en Ciencias Económicas y Empresariales, ETEA, Faculty of Economics and Business Science, University of Cordoba, Spain, 1994–1999

Languages: Spanish, English, French, Portuguese and Italian


Academic positions held

Principal Investigator Populism and Borders: a Supply- and Demand-Side Comparative Analysis of Discourses and Attitudes (PBSDCA), since 2021

Investigador Asociado a LSE IDEAS en The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), since 2020

Principal Investigator Interdisciplinary Comparative Project on Populism and Secessionism (ICPPS), since 2019

Research Project Coordinator 'Debating Brexit at a Local Level' – Conflict & Civil Society Research Unit, LSE, 2017-2019

Guest Lecturer, LSE Custom Programmes, 2016–2018

Higher Education Consultant and Student Advisor, LSE Life & LSE Education Strategy Unit, 2014-2018

Editor and Co-Investigator, Euro Crisis in the Press, LSE, since 2013

LSE Fellow and Teacher, ‘LSE100: The LSE Course’, LSE, 2011-2017

Graduate Teaching Assistant, ‘GV101 – Introduction to Political Science’. Department of Government, LSE, 2007–2009

Research activity

José Javier Olivas Osuna is the Principal Investigator of the Interdisciplinary Comparative Project on Populism and Secessionism (ICPPS) and of Populism and Borders: a Supply- and Demand-Side Comparative Analysis of Discourses and Attitudes (PBSDCA) project at Department of Political Science and Administration of the National Distance Education University (UNED) in Madrid. He is also Research Associate at LSE IDEAS and has also done public policy consulting work for the EU and other international organisations. He holds PhD in Government (LSE), an MSc in Public Policy and Administration (LSE). He previously completed University degrees in Economics and Business (ETEA, University of Córdoba), Market Research (ETEA) and European Studies (EDHEC, Lille). José Javier coordinated the research project Debating Brexit impact at local level: a mixed methods comparative study and several teaching innovation activities and projects at the LSE. He currently collaborates with the projects Psycorona and Varieties of Democracy (V-Dem) and the CIVICA consortium project Local mobilization against the EU. Territorial dimensions of populist Euroscepticism. His research interests also include public policy, borders, political communication, responses to COVID19 and democratisation. José Javier also writes policy papers for international organisations, is frequently interview in media and is active on Twitter: @josejolivas

Selected publications:

-Gartzou-Katsouyanni, K., Kiefel, M. & Olivas Osuna, J.J. (2022). Voting for Your Pocketbook, but against Your Pocketbook? A Study of Brexit at the local level. Politics & Society, 50(1):3-43
-Olivas Osuna, J.J., Kiefel, M. & Gartzou Katsouyanni, K. (2021). Place matters: Analyzing the roots of political distrust and Brexit narratives at a local level. Governance, 34(4): 1019-1038
-Olivas Osuna, J.J. (2021). Euroescepticismo y populismo: el caso del Brexit. In Gratius, Susanne & Rivero, Angel (eds.) Populismo y política exterior en Europa y América. Tecnos
-Olivas Osuna, J.J. (2021). Populismo en España: fundamentos teóricos y relatos dominantes. Araucaria, 23(47), 371-401.
-Olivas Osuna, J.J. & Rama, J. (2021). COVID-19: a political virus? VOX’s populist discourse in times of crisis. Frontiers in Political Science.  
-Freier, F., Bird, M.  Brauckmeyer, G. ;Kvietok, A., Licheri, D. ;Luna Román, E., Olivas -Osuna, J.J., & Ponce, L. (2021) Diagnóstico de la Cobertura de la Situación de Personas Refugiadas y Migrantes Universidad del Pacífico & UNHCR/ACNUR Perú.
-Olivas Osuna, J.J. (2021). From chasing populists to deconstructing populism: A new multidimensional approach to understanding and comparing populism. European Journal of Political Research, 60(4): 829-853.
-Olivas Osuna, J.J. (2019). Revolutionary versus Reactionary: Contrasting Portuguese and Spanish Civil-Military Relations during Democratization. War & Society. 38(3): 225-248.
-Volintiru, C. & Olivas Osuna, J.J. (2018). Preventing corruption at local and regional level in South Mediterranean countries European Committee of the Regions (CoR).
-Kyriakidou, M. & Olivas Osuna, J.J. (2017). The Indignados protests in the Spanish and Greek press: Moving beyond the protest paradigm? European Journal of Communication. 32(4): 457-472.
Olivas Osuna, J.J. (2014). Iberian Military Politics: Controlling the Armed Forces During Dictatorship and Democratisation. Palgrave MacMillan. ISBN 978-1-137-32537-2.


Professional experience

Research Consultant in Public Policy and Spanish Politics, since 2012

Founder and Director of Netivist (netivist.org), Londres, 2013-2017

Project Manager ‘APOLO Spain’, Madrid-Paris, Renault, 2003-2005

Supply Chain Manager, Renault, Paris, 2001-2003

Commercial Analyst, Renault, Paris, 2000-2001