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Academic Information

Graduated in Primary Education Teaching in 1979 from The Complutense University of Madrid (University School of Ciudad Real).
Degree in Philosophy and Educational Sciences in 1989 from the UNED (UNED).
PhD in Education in 2004 from the UNED. (Spanish National University
of Distance Education).

Research activity

Principal Investigator of the consolidated Research Group Social Media y Educación Mediática Inclusiva y Ubicua (SMEMIU) (Social Media and Inclusive and Ubiquitous Media Education (SMEMIU)), together with coPI Dr. Javier Gil Quintana. http://uned-smemiu.es/
She also participates in other referential research groups such as:
- Grupo de Investigación en Comunicación e Investigación Digital (GICID), PI  Carmen Marta Lazo, from the University of Zaragoza. https://gicid.unizar.es/
- Grupo de Investigación en Educación y Cultura Audio-Visual (ECAV), PI  Carlos Escaño González, from the University of Seville. http://grupos.us.es/ecav/
The most important research projects she has coordinated as principal investigator are:
- European Project "Elearning, Communication and Open-data: Massive Mobile, Ubiquitous and Open Learning" (ECO) - Ref.: 621127 - European Commission. ICT Policy Support Programme as part of the Competitiveness and Innovation framework Programme (CIP).
- European Project "YouCheck! - AGREEMENT NUMBER - LC-01244282 - European Commission.
- Project "Intelligent and Accessible Virtual Education. Integrated Intelligent Virtual Intelligent Spaces" (EVIA) - EIN2020-112460 - Ministry of Science and Innovation - State Research Agency
- European project "YouVerify!" - AGREEMENT NUMBER - LC-01648381 - European Commission

Professional experience

She has taught several subjects in the Faculty of Education of the UNED since her incorporation, being currently teaching the subjects: "Communication and Education" of first year in the degrees of Pedagogy and Social Education, "Specific Didactics in Non-Formal Contexts" in fourth year of the degree of Social Education and "Virtual Scenarios for Participation" of the Master's Degree in Communication and Education.
She is also a faculty member  of the UNED and has been part of the Faculty Board and various committees, both of the department and the faculty itself.
Finally, he has collaborated with other foreign universities in various teaching positions.

Educational management experience

The most important positions in educational management have been:
- Assistant Vice Rector for Lifelong Learning (07/16/2013 - 05/11/2017).
- Coordinator of Institutional Courses (15/07/2011 - 15/07/2013).
- Director of the Paulo Freire Chair of Educommunication by agreement between MESCYT and UNED (since 01/12/2020).


Nº of recognized sections of research activity

0 quinquenniums


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  • OTRAS PUBLICACIONES The most cited publications in books and book chapters are, among others:

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Other activities

Summer courses

The direction of the last two summer courses held at the UNED were:
- Título: "Espacios intercreativos, un desafío para influencers del aprendizaje"  (Intercreative spaces, a challenge for learning influencers)
Summer Course UNED 2021 - 32nd Edition
Organised by: Centro Asociado UNED Motril
Date of delivery: 30/06/2021

- Título: "Estrategia en Redes Sociales y Marketing Digital. Influencers y
atracción" (Social Media Strategy and Digital Marketing. Influencers and
Summer Course UNED 2021 - 32nd Edition
Organised by: Centro Asociado UNED Motril
Date of delivery: 07/07/2021

Permanent education

The UNED's own course currently directed, which is taught within its Lifelong Learning program:

- Estrategia en Redes Sociales y Marketing Dgital 1ª y 2ª edición. (Social Media Strategy and Digital Marketing, 1st and 2nd edition)
Professional refresher course offered since 2017/2018 in the Professional and Personal Development Program (Open Learning).

Patents, intellectual property, knowledge transfer

Trademark: "tMOOC and Taxonomy of the 10 T's".
Authors of the trademark:: Sara Osuna Acedo; Carmen María Marta Lazo
Application No.: 4.073.434
Country of registration: Spain
Registration date: 18/02/2021


Awards received:
- Second prize in the "Education and Society" National Awards (1993) of Didactic Materials of the Ministry of Education and Science for the material "Education for the Consumer" (1993).
- Accesit to the Didactic Materials Award granted by the Social Council of the UNED for the audiovisual material "New technologies, communication and education" (2001).
- Extraordinary Doctorate Award (2005).
- Revista Mediterránea Award to the most cited article (2020)
- TRICLAB Award for Intermethodology (2021)